Sentencing Guidelines - Terrorist Offences

5 judgments

17 November 1995

R v Mark Gerard Hannigan & Thomas Gerard Brogan

Attempted murder and possession of firearms with intent - joint enterprise - whether accessory had sufficient knowledge or contemplation - sentence for terrorist offences in view of cease-fire - prisoner had offended whilst released on licence.

R v Hannigan & Brogan 171195
Carswell LCJ
26 October 1995

R v David Adams, Robert Crawford, Paul Stitt, Gerard Bradley and Patrick Donaghy

Conspiracy to murder, cause an explosion and other offences - appellants elected not to challenge prosecution evidence - not the equivalent of quilty plea - deterrent sentences for terrorists - disparity of sentence between co-accused.

R v Adams & others
Carswell LCJ
30 March 1995

R v Patrick Martin Murray

Conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to cause explosion - whether rules for remission in respect of prisoners serving life sentence differ from those for other serious offences - court should decide appropriate sentence without reference to questions of remission of parole - whether entitled to discount where defendant did not dispute evidence or require Crown to call evidence of proof but did not plead guilty.

R v Murray 300395
Hutton LCJ
03 March 1995

R v John Glennon, Francis Maher, John Kennaway, Damien Justin Morgan

Terrorist offences - conspiracy to murder, possession of firearms with intent and false imprisonment - court should decide appropriate sentence without reference to questions of remission or parole - deterrent sentences for terrorist offences.

R V Glennon & Others 030395
MacDermott LJ
27 January 1995

R v Clive Jones

Possession of unauthorised firearm without certificate - army sergeant - gun enthusiast - whether prison sentence appropriate irrespective of whether or not it is to be suspended.

R v Jones 270195
Hutton LCJ