Sentencing Guidelines - Theft and other Dishonest Offences

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4 judgments

20 June 1997

R v Michael Blair

Conspiracy to defraud the Inland Revenue - sub-contractor's tax exemption vouchers - deterrent sentences or "clang of prison gates" principle.

R v Blair 200697
Carswell LCJ
06 June 1997

R v Brian Agnew

Conspiracy to defraud, false accounting and providing false information - mortgage fraud - whether trial judge attached sufficient weight to circumstances behind motive for committing the offences - use of transactions to re-finance appellant's debt - whether should be dealt with by "clang of prison gates" sentencing principle.

R v Agnew 060697
Carswell LCJ
23 May 1997

R v Daniel Joseph McClean

Possession of counterfeit money with intent and lawful excuse - disparity of sentence between co-accused.

R v McClean 230597
MacDermott LJ
07 February 1997

R v Joanne Conlon

Theft from employer over period of time - mother of a young child - compassion and clemency exhibited by employer - whether should be taken into account.

R v Conlon 07021997
MacDermott LJ