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19 September 2023

Public Prosecution Service v Christopher Walsh

[2023] NICA 39
Treacy LJ
18 September 2023

The King v Omar Ahamad

[2023] NICA 52
Keegan LCJ
07 September 2023

Christopher McGettigan and Mannok Holdings

[2023] NIKB 90
Mr Friedman KC sitting as HCJ
07 September 2023

King v Nigel Sydney Jamison

[2023] NICA 51
Treacy LJ
06 September 2023

Inquest into the death of Leo Norney - Anonymity and Screening Ruling on Soldiers' M1, M2 and M3

[2023] NICoroner 12
His Honour Judge McGurgan
01 September 2023

Melanie Harrison -v- Danielle McCartan-Quinn

Mr Spence
31 August 2023

Summary of Judgment - In re No Gas Caverns Ltd and Friends of the Earth

Summary of Judgment - In re No Gas Caverns Ltd and Friends of the Earth
17 August 2023

King v James Fox

[2023] NICC 23
O'Hara J
14 August 2023

Duff (Gordon) Application for Judicial Review (leave stage)

[2023] NICA 47
Keegan LCJ
07 August 2023

A Health and Social Care Trust v JU

[2023] NIFam 12
McFarland J
28 July 2023

Seagate Technology's Application

[2023] NIKB 81
Treacy LJ
27 July 2023

JR233's Application

[2023] NIKB 79
Colton J