Kingsmill Inquest

Inquests into the deaths of ten men on the Kingsmill Road, County Armagh on 5 January 1976.

These Inquests (hereafter referred to in the singular) concern the deaths of 10 men on the Kingsmill Road, County Armagh, shortly after 5.30pm on Monday 5 January 1976.  The men, all employees at Glenanne Mill, were travelling to their homes in Bessbrook in a work minibus when it was stopped by terrorists.  The terrorists ordered the men to line up against the side of the minibus and then shot them dead.  The 10 men who were killed are:

Robert Walker
Joseph Lemmon
Reginald Chapman
Walter Chapman
Kenneth Worton
James McWhirter
Robert Chambers
John Bryans
Robert Freeburn
John McConville


Summary of Findings - Kingsmill Inquest

In the matter of Inquests touching upon the deaths of Robert Walker, Joseph Lemmon, Reginald Chapman, Walter Chapman, Kenneth Worton, James McWhirter, Robert Chambers, John Bryans, Robert Freeburn and John McConville