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5577 judgments

11 July 1997

R v Sean Joseph Carlin

R v Carlin 110797
Carswell LCJ
20 June 1997

R v Michael Blair

R v Blair 200697
Carswell LCJ
11 June 1997

R v Andrew William Coyle

R v Coyle 110697
MacDermott LJ
06 June 1997

R v Brian Agnew

R v Agnew 060697
Carswell LCJ
23 May 1997

Sekhri v Millar

BT/97/1996 (Part 1)
Mr Curry
23 May 1997

R v Daniel Joseph McClean

R v McClean 230597
MacDermott LJ
23 May 1997

R v Anthony Benson

R v Benson 230597
MacDermott LJ
15 May 1997

R v Alan Alfred Price

R v Price 150597
Carswell LCJ
02 May 1997

R v Colm McQuilan & Joseph McCormick

R v McQuillan & McCormick 020597
MacDermott LJ
18 April 1997

R v Darren Boyd

Darren Boyd 18041997
MacDermott LJ
18 March 1997

R v J.M

R v J.M
MacDermott LJ
21 February 1997

R v D Attorney General's Reference (No.5 of 1996)

R v D AG Ref No.5 of 1996
MacDermott LJ
07 February 1997

R v Joanne Conlon

R v Conlon 07021997
MacDermott LJ
07 February 1997

R v James Kennedy Horrocks

R v Horrocks
MacDermott LJ
07 February 1997

R v John Joseph Conlon

R v Conlon 70297 CarswellLCJ
Carswell LCJ
05 February 1997

Priestly v Brown

Mr Curry
24 January 1997

R v Patrick Joseph McColgan

R v McColgan 240197
Carswell LCJ
20 December 1996

R v William Alfred Lemon

R v Lemon 201296
McCollum J
25 November 1996

Martin, Superintendent (RUC) v Hugh Anslem Davey

Mag 6
Mr McHugh
22 November 1996

R v William Kieran Brady

R v William Kieran Brady 221196
Hutton LCJ