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6136 judgments

21 April 1989

R v Samuel Joseph Ferguson

Ferguson 210489
O'Donnell LJ
14 March 1989

R v Gault

[1989] NI 232
Hutton LCJ
10 March 1989

R v Robert Magill

R v Magill 100389
Hutton LCJ
09 March 1989

McLean v Scottish Provident

His Honour Judge Rowland, Mr Jacobson
10 February 1989

Coastal Container v Commissioner of Valuation

His Honour Judge Rowland
27 January 1989

R v James Francis O'Reilly

[1989] NI 120
Hutton LCJ
16 December 1988

R v Gregory Faye

R v Faye 161288
Hutton LCJ
12 December 1988

Moorehead v Commissioner of Valuation

Mr Jacobson
05 October 1988

Newman v Commissioner of Valuation

Mr Jacobson
21 September 1988

McGowan v Commissioner of Valuation

Mr Jacobson
28 June 1988

Rollins v Commissioner of Valuation

His Honour Judge Rowland
28 January 1987

R v Declan Crossan

[1987] 2 NIJB 72
Lowry LCJ
30 June 1986

R v Samuel Walker and Gerard Thomas McColgan

R v Walker & McColgan 300686
Lowry LCJ
13 May 1985

McCullagh v Commissioner of Valuation

Mr Jacobson
07 September 1984

R v Patrick Joseph O'Neill

[1984] 13 NJB
Gibson LJ