Sentencing Guidelines - Sexual Offences

45 judgments

12 March 2020

R v Byrne & Cash

Sexual Assaults contrary to Art 6 Sexual Offences (NI) Order 2008 – whether ECOs a suitable disposal.

[2020] NICA 16
Morgan LCJ
16 May 2019

R v QD Director of Public Prosecution's Reference (Number 6 of 2019)

Reference by DPP NI under S. 36 Criminal Justice Act 1988 as amended by S. 41(5) Justice (NI) Act 2002 – whether sentence of 5 months’ custody unduly lenient - sexual assault of a child under 13 contrary to Article 14 of the Sexual Offences (NI) Order 2008 – whether failure to impose a SOPO unduly lenient – sentence quashed and SOPO imposed.

[2019] NICA 23
Stephens LJ
20 December 2018

R v CZ

Sexual offence prevention orders - applications made to Crown Court in respect of variations, renewals and discharge, and appeals thereafter to the Court of Appeal - demarcation between appeals in respect of SOPOs imposed as part of sentence and appeals in respect of variations, renewals and discharges - need for SOPO's to be carefully formulated

[2018] NICA 53
Maguire J
27 January 2017

R v James William Taggart

Appeal against sentence – rape contrary to Article 5(1) of the Sexual Offences (NI) Order 2008 – common assault contrary to s. 47 OAPA 1861 – whether sentence for rape (ECS – 9 years in custody plus 2 on licence) manifestly excessive and/or wrong in principle – whether judge justified in concluding that there was significant risk of serious harm etcetera – Kubik applied – contesting the prosecution not an aggravating factor – Gilbert distinguished on the facts – appeal allowed – ECS of 7 plus 2 substituted.

[2017] NICA 5
Weir LJ
12 April 2016

R v Alan McDonald

Appeal against sentence - historic sexual abuse - discretionary life sentence - whether necessary to make finding of unstable character - whether offences sufficiently grave - whether likely future offending must be sex offences - whether alternative protective sentence could be imposed - appeal dismissed.

[2016] NICA 21
Weatherup LJ
29 January 2016

R v Lukaz Kubik

Rape contrary to Article 5(1) of the Sexual Offences (NI) Order 2008 – continued application of Sentencing Advisory Panel’s 2002 Guidelines – medical evidence of impact on victim must be such as to establish to a rigorous standard – extended custodial sentence of 9 years replaced with a determinate custodial sentence of 7 years - 3½ in custody and 3½ on licence.

[2016] NICA 3
Morgan LCJ
26 November 2015

R v MH

Appeal against sentence – rape contrary to Article 5(1) of the Sexual Offences (NI) Order 2008 (19 years’ imprisonment) and attempted rape (15 years) plus 46 other counts (9 counts of gross indecency 2 years’ imprisonment, 9 of common assault 12 months, 8 of false imprisonment 9 years, 4 of threats to kill 9 years, 7 of indecent assault 9 years and 9 of cruelty to children 7 years all concurrent – whether sentence wrong in principle/manifestly excessive having regard to the Sentencing Council Guidelines and NI Guidelines – whether there had been inadequate deduction because of delay - whether there had been a failure to have regard to the absence of offending from 2004 – McCaughey and Smith approach to Sentencing Council Guidelines reaffirmed and appeal dismissed.

2015 NICA 67
Weatherup LJ
30 June 2015


Sexual Assault by penetration together with Common Assault, Criminal Damage and Possession of Class B Drug – digital penetration and further degradation of victim in her home accompanied by acts of violence and destruction. Total sentence of 18 months’ imprisonment plus 18 months on licence – appeal refused and sentence upheld – recent definitive Guideline from E&W considered – need for victim’s medical reports to be supported by notes and records underlined.

2015 NICA 48
Treacy J
25 March 2015

R v Gerard McCormick

Sexual activity with a child – 3 year determinate sentence comprising 18 months’ imprisonment and 18 on licence – 5 year SOPO – Sentencing Court’s reliance on Sentencing Council Guidelines – guidance from decided authorities in NI more reliable than Council Guidelines - 2 year sentence substituted – 12 & 12 – whether SOPO proportionate – that issue remitted to trial court to reconsider.

2015 NICA 14
Morgan LCJ
18 December 2014

R v Michael Simpson

Possession of indecent child images contrary to Article 3 of the Protection of Children (Northern Ireland) Order 1978 – SOPO made under s.104 Sexual Offences Act 2003 – whether SOPO terms oppressive/disproportionate.

[2014] NICA 83
Coghlin LJ
17 October 2014

R v W

Multiple counts of cruelty/neglect/assault on and gross indecency with the female offender’s children – necessity to protect children/deter those who might cause them injury – cases of repeated actions more serious than single incident – combination of consecutive/concurrent sentences – regard to totality principle which can be arrived at by different routes – no error in sentencing detected – appeal refused.

[2014] NICA 71
Girvan LJ
17 May 2013

R v ML

Indecent assault, gross indecency and buggery of female child by male sibling aged 13/14 - 4 1/2 year custody probation order (concurrent) reduced to 12 months' imprisonment.

[2013] NICA 27
Morgan LCJ
06 July 2012

R v Rong Chen, Simon Dempsey and Jason Owen Hinton

First instance sentencing remarks – guidance pending Court of Appeal deliberation –trafficking within the United Kingdom for the purposes of sexual exploitation contrary to section 58(1) of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 – controlling activities of another for purposes of prostitution for gain contrary to Article 63 of Sexual Offences (NI) Order 2008 etcetera.

[2012] NICC 26
Stephens J
25 April 2012

R v Matyas Pis

First instance sentencing remarks – guidance pending Court of Appeal deliberation – trafficking offences – Hungarian – controlling activities of another for purposes of prostitution for gain contrary to Article 63 of Sexual Offences (NI) Order 2008 – assisting in management of brothel Article 64(1) of Sexual Offences (NI) Order 2008 – trafficking two persons into UK for the purposes of sexual exploitation contrary to Section 57(1)(a) of Sexual Offences Act 2003.

[2012] NICC 14
His Honour Judge Burgess
03 December 2010

R v E B

Sexual assaults - Criminal Justice (NI) Order 2008 - assessment of dangerousness - English case of Lang adopted - whether sentencers may depart from PSR in assessing dangerousness - extended custodial sentence.

[2010] NICA 40
Morgan LCJ
17 September 2010

R v SG

Unlawful carnal knowledge of a girl under 14 contrary to Section 4 the Criminal Law Amendment Act 1885 - indecent assault on a female child - gross indecency with a child - consensual - appellant 19 years, victim 13 years at the time - assistance to be derived from final report of the Sentencing Guidelines Council (E&W) on Sexual Offences Act 2003.

[2010] NICA 32
Morgan LCJ
06 March 2009

R v CK a minor

Appeal against sentences - minors - indecent assaults, acts of gross indecency and rape - custodial sentence - other methods of disposal especially a custody probation order - ECHR Art. 8 - sexual offences prevention order expiry date - periods of detention and one year's supervision - third and fourth conditions of the sexual offences prevention order to be deleted - second condition amended in the terms set out in this judgment - sexual offences prevention order to remain in force for the period of five years from today's date - to that extent appeal allowed.

[2009] NICA 17
Kerr LCJ
05 August 2008

R v Samuel Shannon

Sexual offences prevention order (‘SOPO’) - section 104 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 – guidance on the conditions for imposing SOPOs.

[2008] NICA 38
Campbell LJ
19 January 2007

R v JR

Proper approach to sentencing in cases of historic familial abuse

[2007] NICA 5
Kerr LCJ
13 October 2006

R v Patrick McColgan

Indecent assault - AOABH - false imprisonment - Criminal Justice (NI) Order 1996 Art.20 (2)(b) - protective sentences for violent or sexual offence.

[2006] NICA 41
Kerr LCJ