Sentencing Guidelines - Life Sentences – Mandatory

10 judgments

17 April 2020

R v Haggarty

Sentencing for multiple terrorist offences, including murder and attempted murder – guilty pleas – offender assisting police pursuant to ss. 73-75 SOCPA 2005 – whether discount appropriate – guidance given on the approach to be taken to ‘the SOCPA discount’.

[2020] NICA 22
Morgan LCJ
19 September 2017

Regina v Turner (William) & Turner (James Henry)

Murder x 2 – whether reduction in tariffs for guilty plea appropriate –guidance given on range of appropriate discount and approach to be taken by sentencers.

[2017] NICA 52
Morgan LCJ
25 January 2017

R v Peter Greer

Application to extend time for leave to appeal sentence – murder – 20 year tariff – Plus: 1. attempted murder; 2. possession of shotgun; and, 3. handgun both with intent to endanger life – discretionary life sentences with concurrent tariffs of 20 years’ imprisonment for each offence. Planned professional killing – McCandless reaffirmed – extension of time refused on murder count and tariff on mandatory life sentence left undisturbed – tariffs of 10, 8 & 8 years’ imprisonment respectively substituted in the remaining offences extension of time and leave having been granted on those counts.

[2017] NICA 4
Morgan LCJ
14 October 2014

R v Wootton & McConville

Reference under s. 36 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 – terrorist murder of police officer life imprisonment for adult offender – application of minimum tariff – 25 years not unduly lenient – detention at Her Majesty’s pleasure for youth offender – minimum term of 14 years unduly lenient – limited mitigation for youth in serious violent offence of this nature – tariff of 18 years substituted.

[2014] NICA 69
Morgan LCJ
23 June 2011

R v Morrin

Further guidance on the steps to take in assessing the appropriate minimum term in mandatory life sentences.

[2011] NICA 24
Hart J
26 March 2010

R v Wong Sui Ching

Credit to be given for period of foreign detention relating to subject crime.

[2010] NICA 12
Morgan LCJ
27 June 2008

R v Trevor Hamilton

Conditions justifying imposition of whole life tariff

[2008] NICA 27
Kerr LCJ
23 June 2006

R v Andrew Robinson

Tariff - higher starting point - domestic violence.

[2006] NICA 29
Kerr LCJ
24 September 2004

Conor Gerard Doyle, Attorney General's Reference No 6 of 2004 (AG Ref 16 of 2004)

Correct approach to guidance contained in Practice Statement.

[2004] NICA 33
Kerr LCJ
09 January 2004

R v Trevor McCandless, Stephen Anthony Johnston, Paul James Johnston, Samuel Anderson, Kenneth John Scott

Adoption of Practice Statement of Lord Woolf CJ.

[2004] NICA 1
Carswell LCJ